Business Consulting Consulting

Business Consulting

Our Business Consulting activities consist of providing services ranging from feasibility studies / due diligence for new business ventures, development of business plans and strategies, management services, for both local and foreign companies which are investing in Mauritius.

We also act as a facilitator for investors whereby we provide them with information regarding local regulations and procedures for acquisition of property, licenses and human capital.

We also partner with clients worldwide to identify their highest-value opportunities, address their most critical challenges, and transform their enterprises to adapt to new challenges.

Our customized approach ensures that our clients achieve sustainable competitive advantage through on-going capacity building towards securing lasting results. We seek to be facilitating agents and agents of change for our clients.

Our holistic approach to the needs of our clients provides support in terms of helping SME’s and other businesses to seek financial assistance from private equity funds and other institutions such as the SME Partnership Fund and the Mauritius Business Growth Scheme among others. We seek to be the facilitating agent in helping you to grow your business and be your companion of success.

Here is a video by one of the top consultants in the whole industry – Mr. Sam Ovens.
He is the owner of the domain and probably the fastest growing consultant in the US. Watch his video if you want to know his take on using metrics in consulting and business generally. Not a waste of your time, we promise.

IT Consulting

Our IT consulting services are aimed at giving clients the ability to choose from the best technology implementation options available in achieving their business goals. The international exposure of our consulting team gives us enormous depth in the technology domains of Internet, Client / Server and Database technologies on multiple platforms.

In each consulting engagement we research and bring the knowledge gained from best practices that have been implemented in our previous solutions. Also we listen and emphasize the necessity to learn as much of the business domain and practices existing so as to be able to suggest solutions with a perspective as closely regarded by the client.

Our team understands that every client is different as so are their individual needs. That is why our primary function is to understand and analyse your business needs and propose solutions after a thorough analysis based on your budgets.

We passionately believe that each exercise should yield tangible and measurable benefits to the client in terms of furthering the initial business objectives.

BPM Consulting

The challenges faced by businesses and organisations are many and varied. And to stay afloat, these businesses and organizations must not only promote change from within, but they must also be agile enough to quickly adapt to evolving markets, policies, regulations, and business models. Fortunately for them, the convergence of business process management (BPM), service-oriented architecture (SOA), coupled with relevant technologies.

BPM represents a strategy of managing and improving business performance by continuously optimizing business processes in a closed-loop cycle of modeling, execution, and measurement. Combining a best practice methodology with an integrated technology solution, BPM grew out of an evolution of business processes and the convergence of a number of technology trends.

The result is a category of technology solution based on a collection of related, structured activities that combines a variety of functions and features to satisfy a lifecycle driven by organizational goals.

By merging these technologies and functions into a seamless integrated design environment, BPM provides technologists and business specialists with a common language for achieving their shared and separate goals, all of which, have everything to do with making the businesses and organization as a whole, stronger and more profitable to face the ever growing changes in internal business processes

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

As an architectural approach that facilitates the creation of loosely coupled, interoperable business services that are easily shared within and among enterprises, SOA derives its true value from the reuse and agility it engenders.

An SOA, in fact, encourages the reuse of applications that will last not just years but decades, which means that systems implemented today could outlive their original implementers in the form of virtualized enterprise applications managed as black boxes defined by their interfaces.


Windows Forms

Developing & Deploying Windows Forms with VB.Net – “MQA Approved”

This Windows Forms training programme provides participants with the skills required to build Microsoft Windows Forms applications using the Microsoft .net framework and Visual development tools.

This course covers the major topics for Windows client application programming on the .net framework including Windows Forms, GDI+, simple data access, inter-operating with non-managed code, threading and asynchronous programming issues, simple remoting, web access, web services consumption, debugging, security, and deployment issues for desktop applications.

Profile of Participants:

Software Engineers with experience in VB.Net programming


Major Areas To be Covered:

Participants will be quickly coached to up skill their capabilities of developing and deploying windows forms while working in a .net development environment by covering the following major technical areas:

  • Introducing Windows Forms
  • Printing and Reporting in Windows Forms Applications
  • Working with Controls
  • Asynchronous Programming
  • Building Controls
  • Deploying Windows Forms Applications
  • Using Data in Windows Forms Applications
  • Drilling Down and the Query String
  • Interacting with Managed Objects
  • Securing Windows Forms Applications

Total Duration: 18 Hrs (6 Sessions of 3 hrs)


Asp For the Web

Developing for the Internet using ASP.Net – “MQA Approved”

In this ASP training course, participants will learn how to quickly build fully featured, database-driven web sites. This course for new web developers lays out the basics of server-side web programming with an introduction to classic programming structures and good programming practices.

(here you can check some web application and data models by Microsoft)

Participants will apply these programming skills to the development of a fully functional data-driven website with ASP using VB Scripts.

Among the various capabilities that trainees will obtain during this course, they will also harness the usage of ASP to help users in storing cookies and sessions, collect and process information which are entered online using forms, and provide rich integration with databases to process and manage data using ASP and the enhanced functionality of ASP components.

Profile of Participants:

Experience in the following areas is required: HTML, CSS and Basic Programming

IT Consultancy

Major Areas To be Covered:

Participants will be introduced to practical software development techniques using ASP.

Net for the development of online applications for the Web by going through the following major technical areas:

  • Active Server Pages – Web Server-Side Technology
  • VBScript Subroutines and Functions
  • Writing ASP Pages
  • Drilling Down and the Query String
  • Processing Data from Online Forms
  • Password Protection with Session Variables
  • Conditional Constructs – IF Statements
  • Stored Procedures in ASP
  • Working with Cookies
  • Working with the File System in ASP
  • Loop Structures in ASP
  • Form Validation with Server-Side Jscript
  • ASP-to-Database Integration with ADO

Here We Are – Pioneer Consultants

We are not exactly new players in the field. We’ve been around for a while now and helped a couple of clients here and there, wink wink :).

But we have been through hell and back. The story is interesting but that’s not what we want to talk about today.

We are happy to be back, stronger and much, much more experienced than ever.

PIONEER Consulting & Technologies Ltd was incorporated in August 2011, with the prime objective of providing our clients with high quality and cost effective business solutions. The company strongly believes in providing simple solutions even to complex situations and that is where its expertise comes into the picture.

The company and its employees are driven by a common motto of “Customer Satisfaction” and thus would leave no stone unturned to achieve this objective. The company strongly believes in establishing serious long-term relationship with its clients and working together so that the respective business objectives of the organizations can be attained.

We are very much active in the IT sector, by providing on-going support to businesses through the implementation of integrated solutions within their existing business processes.

In an integrated performance cycle, performance is measured and monitored according to pre-determined corporate set of objectives and benchmarks (measured through preset Key Performance Indicators) established over a period of time, based on core and desirable competences and skills.

Our consultants work in close collaboration with the HR department to set these benchmarks and the corresponding indicators including time frames that will be used as a measuring tool to assess whether these desired benchmarks are really within reach and if not identify the causes right away.