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AIMS – Archiving Information Management System

AIMSAIMS takes into account operations relating to the traceability of archived documents such as vouchers, cheques, reports and other related documents. Each type of document will be grouped in their respective batch and archived accordingly. Users will have the possibility to carry out real time search as regard to the location of each batch within the archives. Each and every batch of documents, will be uniquely bar-coded and kept in unique bar-coded locations.

  • Quick and Easy Access to Archived Documents
  • Tracking of Documents for Destruction
  • Audit Trail Reporting on Movement of Documents

Major Features of AIMS:

  • Archiving and Bar Code Generation
  • Receipt in Stock of Archives
  • Issue to Branch/Department
  • Stock List by Bin with destruction date
  • Audit Trail of issues and receipts to and from branches/departments by type of document
  • Stock List of bins with batches nearing retention period by 1 month
  • Stock List already exceeded retention period
  • Reconciliation List (issued v/s current) by type of document
  • User Maintenance
  • User Access Control