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Ajax for ASP.Net

AJAXAjax For ASP.Net Developers – “MQA Approved”

This course provides a practical introduction to develop rich internet applications using Ajax within ASP.Net. Using the rich technical support provided by Microsoft’s Ajax tools, an ASP.Net developer can get up and running in this new environment very quickly. This course shows the way to master Ajax within ASP.Net.

The Ajax Control Toolkit is also introduced, which provides many useful controls enabling sophisticated client-side effects with relatively little programming. And finally built-in application services, which provide a client-side API to various services on the server, such as authentication and user profiles are also covered in this course.

Numerous programming examples and exercises are also provided in this course and a case study application will have to be developed to illustrate the efficient usage of Ajax within an ASP.Net development environment.

Profile of Participants:

Software Engineers with experience in VB.Net, ASP.Net, and .Net Framework

BusinessMajor Areas To be Covered:

Participants will be exposed to software development techniques using Ajax to enhance ASP.

Net applications by covering the following major technical areas:

  • Rich Internet Applications and Ajax
  • Remote Method Calls
  • Using JavaScript
  • Ajax Control Toolkit
  • ASP.Net Ajax Client Library
  • Application Services
  • Partial Page Rendering

Total Duration: 18 Hrs (6 Sessions of 3 hrs)

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