Asp For the Web

Developing for the Internet using ASP.Net – “MQA Approved”

In this ASP training course, participants will learn how to quickly build fully featured, database-driven web sites. This course for new web developers lays out the basics of server-side web programming with an introduction to classic programming structures and good programming practices.

(here you can check some web application and data models by Microsoft)

Participants will apply these programming skills to the development of a fully functional data-driven website with ASP using VB Scripts.

Among the various capabilities that trainees will obtain during this course, they will also harness the usage of ASP to help users in storing cookies and sessions, collect and process information which are entered online using forms, and provide rich integration with databases to process and manage data using ASP and the enhanced functionality of ASP components.

Profile of Participants:

Experience in the following areas is required: HTML, CSS and Basic Programming

IT Consultancy

Major Areas To be Covered:

Participants will be introduced to practical software development techniques using ASP.

Net for the development of online applications for the Web by going through the following major technical areas:

  • Active Server Pages – Web Server-Side Technology
  • VBScript Subroutines and Functions
  • Writing ASP Pages
  • Drilling Down and the Query String
  • Processing Data from Online Forms
  • Password Protection with Session Variables
  • Conditional Constructs – IF Statements
  • Stored Procedures in ASP
  • Working with Cookies
  • Working with the File System in ASP
  • Loop Structures in ASP
  • Form Validation with Server-Side Jscript
  • ASP-to-Database Integration with ADO