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Business Process Management Consulting

The challenges faced by businesses and organisations are many and varied. And to stay afloat, these businesses and organizations must not only promote change from within, but they must also be agile enough to quickly adapt to evolving markets, policies, regulations, and business models. Fortunately for them, the convergence of business process management (BPM), service-oriented architecture (SOA), coupled with relevant technologies.

BPM represents a strategy of managing and improving business performance by continuously optimizing business processes in a closed-loop cycle of modeling, execution, and measurement. Combining a best practice methodology with an integrated technology solution, BPM grew out of an evolution of business processes and the convergence of a number of technology trends.

The result is a category of technology solution based on a collection of related, structured activities that combines a variety of functions and features to satisfy a lifecycle driven by organizational goals.

By merging these technologies and functions into a seamless integrated design environment, BPM provides technologists and business specialists with a common language for achieving their shared and separate goals, all of which, have everything to do with making the businesses and organization as a whole, stronger and more profitable to face the ever growing changes in internal business processes

Service Oriented Architecture (SOA)

As an architectural approach that facilitates the creation of loosely coupled, interoperable business services that are easily shared within and among enterprises, SOA derives its true value from the reuse and agility it engenders.

An SOA, in fact, encourages the reuse of applications that will last not just years but decades, which means that systems implemented today could outlive their original implementers in the form of virtualized enterprise applications managed as black boxes defined by their interfaces.