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Customer Service Techniques

Customer ServiceBasic Customer Service Techniques – “MQA Approved”

This course is meant for small and medium sized businesses which need to be equipped with the basic knowledge of customer service that will allow them to achieve improvement in service quality, adopt a better customer relationship and develop a customer loyalty approach for better customer retention which are crucial to a quality-based, customer driven firm nowadays.

This course introduces the basic framework towards making customer service an integral part in the business and establishes the foundation for other courses in this area of training that will follow. This introductory course aims at providing trainees with the basic key concepts, terms, methodologies, techniques to be adopted when dealing with all types of customers.

This course emphasizes the importance of good face to face communication and also elaborates on the use of the telephone and electronic mail to improve customer service. Trainees will also learn how to deal with difficult unsatisfied customers and resolve their problems.

Profile of Participants:

Sales Executives and Start Up Owners

Business WomanMajor Areas To be Covered:

This course explains and gives an overview about the basics of customer service in a business and the importance of delivering Quality Customer Service and how it helps to sustain growth and remain competitive in the market.

The following major areas will be covered:

  • Basics of Customer Service
  • Qualities Needed for a Good Customer Service
  • Customer Service and Competition
  • Importance of Good Communication in Customer Care Telephone/Email Communication Techniques
  • Dealing with Difficult Customers

Total Duration: 21 Hrs (7 Sessions of 3 Hrs)

HRDC Levy Grants are also applicable for the above course. Apply now by downloading: