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Digital Marketing

With the power of the internet, marketing has evolved allowing people to search for and get more information about products and services instantly within their own homes. At Pioneer Consulting we make sure you get the most out of your marketing budget and efforts by utilising all sorts of digital marketing techniques in conjunction with your more traditional marketing methods.

We take the time to understand your business and identify your target customers, to help you design and implement an effective digital marketing plan that works, complementing and promoting your businesses and enhancing your presence.

Digital marketingDigital marketing covers an array of skills and services that can be used individually or in conjunction, as a one of hit or a regular marketing process. The most obvious digital marketing is your website, this is your presence online, your shop front to the whole world that conveys your brand and products in a clear, concise and attractive way. But there is so much more than just your site, we can design mailers for you sending out all your latest information or offers to a specific customer database or we can design footer banners for you email promoting your latest product release or your services.

Social media is another digital marketing avenue that many have heard of but not truly understood or embraced. At Pioneer Consulting we can help you choose which Social Media platforms will have a positive effect on your business and produce results and can help setup and customise the appearance of your Facebook pages, Twitter accounts and YouTube channels to fit in with your latest product release or company branding and add in your first content to get you started. We can then integrate your social media accounts directly into your website and blogs.

We can also promote your website/products on popular search engines such as Google, Bing and Yahoo! using paid-for advertising. This unique form of search engine advertising guarantees that your site will appear in the top results for the keyword terms you target within a day or less. Given this, paid listings are an option that should be explored by site owners who wish to quickly build visibility.

If you fully commit and set realistic goals, develop content that appeals to your target audience, and consistently engage with your networks, you will begin to understand the real value that social media can bring to your business.

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