Here We Are – Pioneer Consultants

We are not exactly new players in the field. We’ve been around for a while now and helped a couple of clients here and there, wink wink :).

But we have been through hell and back. The story is interesting but that’s not what we want to talk about today.

We are happy to be back, stronger and much, much more experienced than ever.

PIONEER Consulting & Technologies Ltd was incorporated in August 2011, with the prime objective of providing our clients with high quality and cost effective business solutions. The company strongly believes in providing simple solutions even to complex situations and that is where its expertise comes into the picture.

The company and its employees are driven by a common motto of “Customer Satisfaction” and thus would leave no stone unturned to achieve this objective. The company strongly believes in establishing serious long-term relationship with its clients and working together so that the respective business objectives of the organizations can be attained.

We are very much active in the IT sector, by providing on-going support to businesses through the implementation of integrated solutions within their existing business processes.

In an integrated performance cycle, performance is measured and monitored according to pre-determined corporate set of objectives and benchmarks (measured through preset Key Performance Indicators) established over a period of time, based on core and desirable competences and skills.

Our consultants work in close collaboration with the HR department to set these benchmarks and the corresponding indicators including time frames that will be used as a measuring tool to assess whether these desired benchmarks are really within reach and if not identify the causes right away.