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Performance Management

Online IPMS – Online Integrated Performance Management System

IPMSPerformance management consists of managing a complete cycle within which a range of individual but potentially linked processes operate. The overarching framework of our system identifies and integrates all of the individual elements of the performance management process within the context of the strategic aims and direction of the business/organisation as a whole.

The in-built Training Needs Analysis (TNA) module within IPMS allows businesses/organisations to carry out easy pre-employment screening tests of applicants and continuous post-employment evaluation of employees at any time which are related to the respective performance targets as per described in the short, mid and long term corporate strategic objectives.

The purpose of IPMS in businesses/organisations is to provide a clear, coherent, fair and equitable framework for managers to use throughout any phase of the performance management process. It makes explicit the policies to be used in support of achieving desired outcomes for both the individual staff member and/or team to which the employee belongs.

Major Features of IPMS:

  • IPMS ensures that the training solution is right for the people who will be trained, considering their background, experience, and age and learning style.
  • IPMS rigorously identifies all the operational tasks that people need to do, the performance expectations for those tasks and the underlying knowledge, skills and attitudes required to achieve those expectations.
  • Fully justified and auditable decision stages leading to a selection of training programmes based on the gap analysis identified by the system.