Selling Concepts Techniques

Selling Concepts & Techniques – “MQA Approved”

Selling Concepts and Techniques is a basic course for retail businesses with the aim to provide them with basic knowledge in sales to achieve Increase in sales, Improved Customer Services and Better Customer Retention which are crucial for businesses nowadays.

This course introduces the basic framework towards making selling an integral part of marketing and establishes the foundation for other courses in this area of training that will follow.

This introductory course aims at providing trainees with the basic key concepts, terms, methodologies, and techniques to be adopted while working in a business involved in retail selling.

It describes what are the stages involved before a sales and marketing officer makes a sale, the different steps in the sales process,from pre-sale preparation to relationship building. This course also provides an overview of the approach to be adopted during the process of concluding a sale to a customer.

It describes what a process is, what process modeling, analysis and design are, and what process management is. This course also provides an overview of the approach needed to measure processes across an industry.

Trainees will also learn about the identification and classification of processes which are vital in any process driven strategy towards making process thinking a new approach to solving business problems and continuously improving organization performance.

Customer Service

Profile of Participants:

Sales & Marketing Executives

Major Areas To be Covered:

Trainees will learn about how to develop good relations with customers through relationship selling and maintaining customer contact on a regular basis to allow for better customer retention within the business for the purpose of sustaining sales.

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The following major areas will be covered:

  • Introduction and definitions of the Sales Stages
  • Pre-selling Preparation & Opening the Sale
  • Sales Presentation & Objection Handling
  • Closing the Sale, Post-Sale & Relationship Building
  • Traits of a Good Salesperson & Sales Tips and Techniques
  • Dealing With Difficult Customers
  • Relationship Selling and Maintaining Customers Contact

Total Duration: 21 Hrs (7 Sessions of 3 hrs)