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Training Needs Analysis

Training Needs Analysis Using IPMS

Training Needs Analysis (TNA) should be an on-going process in any business, empowering the work force to cope with new challenges. Therefore we help you to do your own TNA at any point in time without disrupting the work flow of your business activities. For that purpose, our Integrated Performance Management System, IPMS has been developed, not only to evaluate the performance of your people, but more importantly to continuously evaluate their capabilities and come up with the right capacity building strategy at any point in time to keep pace with the overall expected performance required by the business to sustain growth and remain competitive.

In an integrated performance cycle, performance is measured and monitored according to pre-determined corporate set of objectives and benchmarks (measured through preset Key Performance Indicators) established over a period of time, based on core and desirable competences and skills.

Our consultants work in close collaboration with the HR department to set these benchmarks and the corresponding indicators including time frames that will be used as a measuring tool to assess whether these desired benchmarks are really within reach and if not identify the causes right away.

With IPMS, the as-is scenario in regard to competences can be easily maintained while at the same time, a real time evaluation of the work force can be carried out to monitor progress at individual levels. Job descriptions of prevailing job titles can therefore be easily maintained, thus always providing an up to date job specification to the company.

Information about the as-is scenario per department, is fed into the system to allow for incremental changes at any time to measure overall achievements against the agreed Key Performance Indicators and Benchmarks.

Thereafter, management can at any time with the help of structured reporting, evaluate the results and makes decisions about:

  • Immediate and on-going competency-based training needs analysis in relation to corporate objectives
  • Targeted coaching or mentoring that may be required to improve on current soft skills of employees
  • To measure in real time, the impact of the training programme on the performance of employees in relation to pre-determined corporate objectives
  • Assess whether to maintain or alter the organisational objectives in relation to prevailing or newly acquired competences

HRDC Levy Grants to carry out TNA are also applicable for the above. Apply now by downloading:

HRDC G6.pdf

To apply for refund after completion of the TNA, download:

HRDC G7.pdf